About Us


We, at ESSENTIALS FOR DAILY LIVING CORP., aspire to be the leading source of excellent, effective and quality health supplements in the Philippines. Hand-in-hand with GOLDEN EAST DRIVE LABORATORIES INC., our manufacturer, we strive to provide access to a wide range of health & wellness products for a healthier populace.

Guided by experts from the pharmaceutical field and made stronger by state of the art equipment of our manufacturer, our aim is:

  1. To continuously innovate and transform ideas into products through excellent manufacturing
  2. To deliver the needs of the customers on a timely manner.
  3. To make sure that our products are manufactured in compliance to regulations to ensure that they are of highest quality.

Our company's values define our identity and summarize the purpose of our existence. We believe in creating a culture of honesty and doing the right thing. We desire to be the best and to always uphold quality.

ESSEN NUTRACEUTICALS, our line of health supplements, are "FDA Approved" and manufactured using "pharmaceutical-grade" standards to ensure that we provide you high quality and effective products.

Here at ESSENTIALS FOR DAILY LIVING CORP., we want you to feel good and feel healthy!

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